Code Of Conduct

Chestermere Public Library Code of Conduct

The library strives to maintain an atmosphere of respect and has a responsibility for the protection of public and staff safety, as well as public property. This Code of Conduct is therefore set in place to help achieve these goals and to allow the staff to respond consistently and fairly to all library patrons. Everyone who uses the Chestermere Public Library is expected to behave in a manner which supports this aim. Acts which impair the safe and efficient operation of the library and violate these guidelines may result in loss of library privileges and/or a ban from the library facility.

Let's work together to create a welcoming and safe Library we can all enjoy.

What can you expect from the Chestermere Public Library?

• Prompt, respectful, and courteous service;

• Materials and services that appeal to a broad spectrum of the community;

• A safe and pleasant environment in which to use Library materials, services, and programs.

To ensure a positive Library experience for everyone, some behaviours are unacceptable at the Chestermere Public Library, including:

• Abuse, including the use of foul language, threatening or intimidation, harassment, and or physical, emotional, or mental abuse of any kind towards others, or that violates the Chestermere Public Library’s Policies 402- Violence in the Workplace and/or 403- Harassment in the Workplace;

• Intoxication or use of intoxicating substances;

• The use of tobacco or e-cigarettes;

• Illegal activity;

• Carrying or using a weapon;

• Damaging or stealing Library property;

• Excessively loud noise;

• Strong scents or foul body odour;

• Photographing and filming is not permitted in the Library without authorization from Library staff and patrons;

• Food and drink in the Library is subject to responsible behavior (bottled or covered drinks, sealed food containers, etc.);

• Parents, guardians, and caregivers are required to directly supervise dependent children (under the age of 8) and/or adults at all times while on Library property;

• Service animals are welcome and, please leave other pets at home.

• No aggressive solicitation