The Chestermere Public Library Foundation

Who is the Chestermere Library Foundation? 
The Chestermere Public Library Foundation is a group committed to creating the very best library for the residents of Chestermere and area. 

What does the Chestermere Public Library Foundation do?
The Library Foundation provides support to the Chestermere Public Library in many different forms. We provide books and supplies for programs, fundraising support, volunteers, input and feedback. 

Books and supplies are needed for well-loved programs like Books for Babies, and seasonal reading programs, etc. Books for Babies is a program for our newest community members and their families. It promotes early literacy and family reading by providing fun and educational addictions to family bookshelves. Seasonal reading programs for children and families are fun challenging contest that promote daily reading! 

Volunteer connections are key to successful Library events like Arts Days, Loop Around the Lake, Harry Potter Night, Star Wars Reads, etc. Volunteering to help out at one of the Chestermere Public Library events ensures we can continue to hold these spectacular events that are fun, exciting, and full of great people to connect with and meet. 

The Chestermere Public Library Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds and awareness though a variety of initiatives including 50/50 draws, casino events, silent auctions and special gala events. 

Our Foundation has a close working relationship with the Chestermere Public Library and we offer support in connecting with our residents. Our goal is to ensure the Chestermere Public Library is a place to gather, read, research, learn, join in a program or just relax. 

How can you be a part of The Chestermere Public Library Foundation? 
Join us at a meeting or volunteer for one of The Library's special events! The Foundation is welcoming new General Members at any of our meetings. Our executive members are voted in during our AGM(Annual General Meeting). We meet in The Library program room. 

AGM is Wednesday, December 5, 2018 from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

How can you contact us?
For more information on the Chestermere Public Library Foundation: 
Contact: Aubrey Fletcher, President